Your best AI-powered junior employee

AnyAgent helps you answer front-line inquiries, make outbound touches and provide customer support without the hassle on your end

A technology-based approach to the first line of employees

Built with security and ease of use in mind

Choose a role for AI-teammate

It can be a sales manager, recruiter, or customer support manager

Connect knowledge base

The AI employee will answer customer questions exactly on your specifics and the data that you have.

Customize to fit your needs

We maintain a permanent memory to remember all correspondence with the client and keep it in focus by answering questions

Select a target action for AI

AI can dialogue with the customer to the result: expressing interest, ordering, answering a question, satisfying a request

Try out our AI assistants 👋

Jill White

Create AI notes from any voice files

Adam Brown

Sales Manager at Telegram

John Green

Sales Manager at Email

Junior-level employee hiring, training, and supervision are painful and unpredictable 🤯


Оnboarding and training = slow and expensive

Businesses spend a vast amount of time and money on bringing junior-level employees to the functions like sales, marketing, recruitment, customer support, and others


Employee mistakes = business losses

Junior-level staff makes mistakes due to human factor level, lack of knowledge or supervision, which result in losses of profits and efficiency, and in some cases legal prosecution


Junior staff take away your resources

It is painful to recruit, hire, train, and supervise junior staff

Use AnyAgent for your most common cases 👇



When you need to warm up a massive base of cold leads and bring it to the target action, after which the manager will immediately connect


Internal communications

When requests from customers are pouring in, and you do not have time to process them, and even in this you make mistakes


Recommendation system

When the core of your product is to make life easier for customers with the correct information, AI is the best helper

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